Show Rundown: May 7, 2018

Radio Rodeo returns with a call from Chris Wilding

May 7, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“Radio Rodeo” returned Monday morning when Chris Wilding became the first Stern Show staffer to challenge Howard’s powerhouse 45-minute call to internet radio host Don Nicoleone.

Howard debuted the radio rodeo concept back in March, recalling his early days at WNBC when he would call fellow host Jack Spector as an overly adoring fan to see how long he could stay on the air. With his call to Nicoleone, Howard brought the game back and this time challenged his staff to see if anyone could beat his time.

Getting some help from his co-workers, Chris called a religious internet radio show armed with a list of questions too offensive to reprint. The host, though, seemed to think otherwise and kept Chris on the phone for more than 30 minutes. Hear a montage featuring just a few of Chris’s questions (below).

After 38 minutes, Chris ran out of questions and began improvising until he reached the topic which finally pushed the host over the edge: “horse semen.”

In the wake of both his own and Chris’s calls, Howard decided he might have to retool the challenge and keep it to only calls made on terrestrial radio shows.

“A 38-minute phone call and it finally took blowing a horse to get off the air … I’ve got to figure out a new game,” he said with a laugh.