AUDIO: JD Harmeyer & Ed Torian Can’t Stop Laughing at Each Other During the Staff Lie Detector Tests

“They were like giggling lovebirds,” Howard says of the Stern Show staffer and the polygraph expert

June 13, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

If laughing is a sign someone is lying then there’s no way JD Harmeyer didn’t fail his recent lie detector test. Howard played audio on Wednesday’s Stern Show of JD being questioned by polygraph expert Ed Torian about whether or not he had any anal experiences in his past, but the interrogation got off to silly start when both JD and Ed began laughing uncontrollably.

“They were like giggling lovebirds,” Howard said of JD and Ed’s interaction.

Stern Show staffer Jason Kaplan was in the studio and saw what went down. “It was almost like being on a date with somebody,” he described.

After several attempts at reading off his question, Ed eventually requested a break in order to settle JD down.

“I can’t get through with him,” Ed said on the tape, while still chuckling. “Don’t giggle!”

Hear Ed Torian and JD Harmeyer’s mutual laughing fit in the audio (below) and tune in Tuesday when the Stern Show Staff Lie Detector Test results are revealed!