VIDEO: Check Out the New Ronnie the Robot 6.9, Now With Wheels, Lights, and 2 Sex Toys

“We created the world’s dumbest robot,” Howard says with a laugh on Wednesday’s Stern Show

July 25, 2018

Before Wednesday’s Stern Show came to a close, Howard wanted Robin to meet the new and improved Ronnie the Robot who recently got updated to “version 6.9.”

“He wants to show off some of his new features,” Howard said as the robot modeled after Ronnie the Limo Driver entered the studio, self-propelled by his new wheels.

“Check me out, fuckers,” Ronnie the Robot yelled. “I’m better than ever!”

Ronnie Ronnie Photo: The Howard Stern Show

This upgraded A.I. Ronnie also has new flashing lights as well as two interesting antennae on top of his head that Robin asked about. “Those are my dildos,” Ronnie the Robot told her. “The fuck is wrong with you?”

“I have to say, it is an improvement,” Robin said with a laugh.

“Isn’t the future amazing?” Howard said. “We created the world’s dumbest robot.”

Check out video of Ronnie the Robot 6.9’s debut (above) and to watch more Stern Show videos head to the SiriusXM app.