VIDEO: Here’s King of All Blacks Singing and Dancing in the Shower

Longtime Stern Show caller posts a very revealing video of himself on Instagram

August 13, 2018

Taking a page out of Richard Christy and Sal Governale’s playbook, King of All Blacks shed his clothes for a wet song and dance performance in the shower to the tune of Bobby Womack’s “If You Think You’re Lonely Now.” The frequent caller, who sometimes refers to himself as “Shampoo,” released the video on Instagram.

“That is insane,” Gary Dell’Abate exclaimed upon seeing the clip, pointing out the irony of King making fun of the Stern Show staffers at the recent in-studio fashion show.

Benjy Bronk disagreed, though. “He’s in his element. He looks so funny … That was so good,” he praised.

King called in to defend himself and revealed he is considering gynecomastia surgery. “I don’t know, I was just having fun,” he said of the video. “I’m retired. I don’t got shit to do.”