Ralph Cirella Clashes With Memet Walker After Asking Howard for a Favor

The King of All Media’s stylist blocks the staffer on Twitter

September 5, 2018

Ralph Cirella may be Howard’s longtime friend and stylist, but it seems he didn’t know better than to bother the King of All Media for a favor.

The slip-up occurred when, in a recent email to Howard, Ralph indicated he’d love to attend the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards and wondered if there was any way he could get a ticket to the event. He added it was fine if Howard couldn’t deliver, but clearly left little option to say no.

“Long story even longer … I ended up, kind of, just taking care of it,” Howard explained Wednesday.

Gary Dell’Abate, who ultimately helped Howard secure the seat for Ralph, went along with him to the award show and reported that Ralph complained during much of the event.

Ralph did tweet out his excitement about the evening beforehand, though, and received a response from Stern Show staffer Memet Walker on Twitter.

After reading the jab, Ralph replied in similar fashion before promptly blocking Memet on the social platform. “I love blocking people,” he admitted gleefully after calling in to the show live.

Memet joined Howard in the studio to give his side of the story, maintaining he was simply making a joke. “You’re not old, you’re not uncool. You’re a 60-year-old man, you dye your hair bleach blonde—that is the epitome of being a cool person,” he told Ralph sarcastically. “MTV should put you right in the front row.”

Ralph, in turn, defended his decision. “So, I blocked you. I don’t need to hear that,” he shot back, also accusing Memet of being obsessed with him.

Ralph was unable to block Memet from speaking to him over the phone, so he hung up and the two failed to resolve their differences.