VIDEO: Watch Howard Finally Lower the Screen Blocking Fred Norris

See the latest piece of Stern Show studio technology in action for the very first time

September 18, 2018

Fred Norris is a constant presence on the Stern Show alongside Howard and Robin, but some fans have begun to wonder where exactly he sits after searching for him in new videos on the SiriusXM app.

Rest assured, Howard cleared up the confusion Tuesday morning live on the air.

“Fred is completely blocked out. I have it so I never see Fred,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t look at Robin during the show — I hardly ever do — and I hardly look at Fred. And the reason for that is, when I do the show I like to just hear them as you hear them. And that’s the truth.”

Howard also added that, if he does catch a glance of Fred, it typically derails his train of thought. “If I look over and see what Fred’s doing I get totally fascinated by what he’s up to,” he explained.

Robin agreed, recalling the days when Fred sat behind Howard and she could constantly look at him. “I would be fascinated with the chewing of the pens and, you know, the moving of the head, and expressions,” she said.

“How about when the eyes roll back into the head when he’s trying to think of something?” Howard added with a laugh.

Luckily — while the need hasn’t arisen yet — Howard has a retractable screen which he can lower with a press of a button whenever he wants to make eye contact with Fred. Watch him demonstrate the new studio feature in the video (above).