AUDIO: Richard Christy Becomes ‘Ethel’ Once Again to Prank a Political Show in a New Phony Phone Call

Plus, Howard looks back on the very first appearance of the fan-favorite character

September 24, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Richard Christy has channeled an array of voices and impressions over the years to help him prank unsuspecting radio hosts around the world, but maybe his most memorable character is an elderly woman named Ethel.

“It’s the worst impression of an old lady you’ve ever heard,” Howard described with a laugh Monday morning. “In fact, Richard barely alters his voice for this impression.”

Ethel’s last name varies from call to call with Richard sometimes making an homage to “I Love Lucy” with the name Ethel Mertz and other times opting for Ethel Blumpkin or other variations.

The character first emerged in a prank call from 2007 when Richard phoned a pharmacy and complained of stomach pain. Hear that call (below).

More than 10 years later, Richard is still channeling Ethel and on Monday Howard debuted a brand new phony phone call featuring the fan-favorite character taking aim at a political talk show. Hear it (below).