VIDEO: Howard Confronts Ronnie Mund About the Metal Detector ‘Joke’ He Tried to Pull on Tan Mom

“He doesn’t realize he’s funny because of who he is, not because he’s funny,” the King of All Media says

September 24, 2018

Much has been said about Tan Mom’s recent appearance on the Stern Show in which she performed a live version of her new single “Free 2 Be Me,” but on Monday Howard addressed one moment from the day that left him fuming.

“Ronnie’s such a dodo head,” he told Robin Quivers.

At one point during Tan Mom’s visit, Howard’s limo driver and head of security was asked to come into the studio with his metal detector wand to see if it could register the metal plate the Wack Packer claims to have in her head.

But instead of simply obliging, Ronnie attempted to make a joke of the process.

“Ronnie comes in — and I’m watching him do it — and he’s running it over his watch,” Howard described. “He’s putting his watch near her head and so the thing is beeping.”

Moreover, the entire bit had been planned by Ronnie in advance as evidenced by the fact he asked Jason Kaplan if he could do it beforehand. And even though Jason instructed him not to, Ronnie took matters into his own hands.

“I just really wanted reality,” Howard bemoaned. “He doesn’t realize he’s funny because of who he is, not because he’s funny.”

Looking back on his decision, Ronnie acknowledged he was wrong but offered little in the way of an explanation as to why he chose to move forward with his idea despite being told not to.

“I just did it. I just fucking did it, all right?” he screamed. “I said I was wrong.”

Now that he had confronted Ronnie about the issue, Howard figured his limo driver would no doubt take out his frustration on their drive home as he’s done in the past with an aggressive and bumpy ride.

Still, Howard admitted it wouldn’t be much of a departure from their morning commute. He told Robin how Ronnie swerved all over the place on the way to the studio. “He swerves and I’m flying … I mean, I’m in free fall,” he recounted.

Ronnie insisted he was avoiding an otherwise certain accident and found the idea he drove a little too aggressively simply ludicrous.