Angry Alice Claims There’s Not Enough Fred Norris in the Stern Show Studio

“He got a lot of nerve to hide my Fred,” the Wack Packer fumes

October 17, 2018

Angry Alice is fired up after reportedly watching video footage of the Stern Show studio on the SiriusXM app and discovering what she perceived to be a lack of Fred Norris.

As Howard previously revealed, he recently installed a retractable screen blocking Fred’s face (above) as a means to experience the show in a similar fashion to listeners.

The decision left Angry Alice fuming, though, as she told Shuli Egar when he called to catch up with her.

“Where is my Fred?” she asked him. “I didn’t see him nowhere.”

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Despite hearing the explanation, Alice accused Howard of trying to keep her beloved staffer from her. “He got a lot of nerve to hide my Fred when he should hide his face!” she exploded in response.

Howard took umbrage with Alice’s complaint as he pointed out Fred may be blocked from his view but remains visible to the audience. “If you watch the app, Fred is prominently featured in reaction shots,” he argued.

Fred was amused by the ordeal and thanked Alice for her support, even when it wasn’t needed. “She’s like my Mariann from Brooklyn,” he told Howard.