Memet Walker Spent His Weekend Playing Video Games Instead of Being With His New Girlfriend

“I told her ahead of time, ‘I’m spending the weekend as a cowboy. Don’t disturb me,’” the staffer admits

October 30, 2018

Memet Walker has a new girlfriend, but the two are taking things slowly after only a month of dating. So slowly, in fact, that the Stern Show staffer reportedly opted to spend his weekend playing the video game “Red Dead Redemption 2” instead of hanging out with her.

“I told her ahead of time, ‘I’m spending the weekend as a cowboy. Don’t disturb me,’” Memet admitted on Tuesday.

As far as labels go, Memet was even hesitant to call her his girlfriend, though he did say they were exclusive at this point.

Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate did not share the same hesitation. “They carved pumpkins last night and they’re going ice skating tomorrow. I think that’s official,” he told Howard.

Call it what you may, but Memet did clarify he is not yet in love, per se. “It’s too early,” he maintained.

The two met on Instagram and soon got together to see if they had a spark, but things didn’t go completely as planned from the start. When Memet went in for the first kiss, an older woman at the bar they were at sprung into action to make sure he wasn’t harassing his now-girlfriend. “It’s a big step for a guy to finally work up the nerve to kiss a girl for the first time,” he complained. “This lady completely ruins it.”

Luckily, they were able to move past the awkward moment and Memet’s girlfriend is even now interested in meeting his family.

In the off-chance things don’t work out, Memet won’t be totally alone, though. He’s been cultivating a relationship with someone else … in his video game.

“It tells you what percentage you’ve bonded with your horse and I’m 100-percent bonded with my horse,” he proudly told Howard. And he won’t have to learn a new name, either—he told Howard he named the horse after his girlfriend.