VIDEO: Ronnie Mund Offers Real Romance Advice to a Married Caller Going Through a Dry Spell

Father of two asks the limo driver how to reignite the flame with his wife

November 13, 2018

Having kids can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but as one Stern Show caller named Sean attested Tuesday morning, it can also bring some unintended consequences.

After seven years of marriage and two children, Sean told Howard things have slowed down in the bedroom with his wife. “The issue is that we’ve basically stopped having sex,” he said. “Just being parents sometimes, you know, gets in the way of being intimate … what do I do?”

Robin Quivers didn’t think the issue was unique to just Sean. “You know what guys don’t understand? Once you have kids … you have to be responsible for the romance in your marriage,” she said.

And luckily for the caller, sex expert Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund was also on hand to offer some insight on how to do just that.

“You get her all naked, put some candles around the bed … and then you get the, like, K-Y massage oil—give her a nice massage,” he suggested. “Then you work your way in there.”

Ronnie also reminded Sean about the importance of texting or calling his wife throughout the day to see how she is doing and let her know he’s thinking about her. Hear his full advice (below).

Shuli Egar, himself a father of two, had a different approach to offer. “What he needs to do to turn her on and to get her into the mood is lighten her load around the house … do some laundry, do some dishes,” he said.

Whichever route Sean decides to go, both Shuli and Ronnie agreed on one thing: he needs to get a babysitter and set aside some private time to woo his wife.