AUDIO: Wendy the Slow Adult Asks Tan Mom for a Thanksgiving Tip

New prank call ends with the two Wack Packers arguing over how to dial 9-1-1

November 13, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

It’s not just her own skin that Tan Mom is good at getting golden brown – she can also cook a mean Thanksgiving meal. But when fellow Wack Packer Wendy the Slow Adult recently called her for some advice on how to prepare a turkey she found in the dumpster, Tan Mom nearly threw up her own dinner.

“Listen to me, you cannot eat this. Put it down,” Tan Mom told Wendy over the phone while audibly heaving.

“It’s chewy. I didn’t have to cook it,” Wendy replied.

When the raw meat later causes Wendy to be ill, Tan Mom tells her to hang up and dial 9-1-1 but the instructions get hilariously misunderstood.

Hear the new Thanksgiving prank call in the audio (below).