Bill Walton Supercut: Sportscaster Wants to Know ‘Have You Ever Been To…?’

Plus, Sour Shoes returns to the Stern Show to try out a new impression of Walton

November 14, 2018

Turn on any basketball game being called by Bill Walton and you’ll get more than just his expert color commentary of what’s happening out on the court. The longtime sportscaster and former NBA superstar has a habit of going off on tangents while on the air, starting conversations with his broadcasting partner about everything from solar panels to bridges to trips to African nations.

“He talks about anything but sports,” Jon Hein explained. As the Stern Show’s unofficial sports expert and on-air sports commentator himself, Jon has seen his fair share of games with Bill Walton behind the mic. He compiled a few funny clips to play for Howard during Wednesday’s special cleaning out the computer show, including a supercut of Walton repeatedly asking his partner if he’s been to various places around the world. Check out the audio (above).

Wack Packer Sour Shoes hasn’t called into the Stern Show much lately but today’s segment spurred him to try out a new celebrity impression of Bill Walton. He called Howard toward the end of the show and, with some classic arena organ music playing behind him, tried his best to impersonate the basketball icon.

“The triumphant return of Sour Shoes,” Howard said. “A new character. That makes 3,000 characters he can do.”

Hear Sour Shoes’ newest call in the audio (below).