Stern Show Caller Janet’s New Wild Tale Involves Wine, Boots, and a Megan Fox Lookalike

“I was calling because I had, like, a little situation happen,” she tells Howard

November 14, 2018
Photo: Shutterstock

Listeners were treated to another riveting story on Wednesday from Stern Show fan Janet, who has called in several times over the past few months to share the explicit details of a wet and wild threesome and a romp with a cruise ship employee.

Janet, who said she was calling into the show wearing only panties, described her latest intimate encounter while several Stern Show staffers scoped out her Instagram profile. “I was calling because I had, like, a little situation happen,” she began.

Her new titillating tale involved the same petite, surgically-enhanced blonde woman who hosted the threesome she spoke of in April. Their latest noteworthy encounter began after Janet went to her friend’s house to catch up, meet her new boyfriend, and help with some interior decorating.

“This is how all threesome’s start, Robin,” Howard interjected.

As Janet told it, the three enjoyed a few drinks while “doing things around the house, next thing you know he grabs my ass.” It wasn’t long before Janet and her female friend were making out and clothes started coming off, though she recalled how the boyfriend had trouble getting her skin-tight pants off since she was wearing boots.

“This guy’s not even famous,” Howard joked, adding “Nothing like this ever happened to me.”

“You should be having full-on orgies,” Robin said with a laugh.

Speaking of full-on orgies, Janet’s story took an unexpected turn after her friend’s phone suddenly started ringing off the hook—the interruption was awkward enough, but it only got worse after Janet learned it was another couple calling to say they were on the way over.

“Oh my God, are you up for that?” Howard asked.

“No, that’s just too much for me,” Janet admitted. “It really was.”

The new couple arrived just a few minutes later and Janet admitted the new woman was “naturally beautiful,” reminding her of Megan Fox. But the prospect of getting intimate with all those people made Janet nervous. That didn’t stop the Megan Fox lookalike from making a move on her, however—she apparently complimented Janet on her beauty and kissed her while her male companion tried holding Janet’s hand.

According to Janet, the newly arrived male’s gaze was just a bit too strong and it made his partner jealous. “He was, like, staring,” Janet explained. “You could tell he wanted to go in, and she was not about that.”

Neither Janet nor her friend’s boyfriend were happy to be hosting this new couple so Janet’s friend eventually kicked them out. With the original three back together, Janet and her friend changed into some short robes and high heels and began making out again while the boyfriend watched. One thing led to another and soon the couple was having sex while the woman was on top of Janet.

“We’re going crazy. I ended up on the couch, and he’s going down on me … just a whole threesome thing is happening,” Janet said. “He and I never ended up having sex, but they did.” Janet continued describing the action, eventually revealing orgasms were had and that she wound up spending the night in the couple’s bed.

Howard had one final query for Janet before moving on. “This is a silly question, but did you ever finish decorating the house?” he asked.

“No,” Janet laughed. “The boxes were exactly the same.”