AUDIO: Celebrate 30 Years of Fred the Elephant Boy With His Very First Call to the Stern Show

Howard also plays a brand new prank call from the longest-serving Wack Packer

November 26, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After 30 years of phone calls, appearances, stunts, and revelations on the Stern Show, Fred the Elephant Boy is officially the longest-serving member of the Wack Pack.

Howard celebrated the milestone on Monday with Fred’s very first call to the studio (below) from Nov. 28, 1988, recalling how he immediately knew he had someone special on the line based on Fred’s signature speech impediment. “It’s like when Colonel Tom met Elvis,” he joked.

The Stern Show has played a large part in Fred’s life ever since that first call. In fact, after revealing he was a 30-year-old virgin, Fred was quickly invited to the studio to participate in a Dial-a-Date segment, leading to his first sexual experience with a woman.

Over the years, Fred has proved his superfandom of the show in various ways. Gary Dell’Abate recalled one memorable instance when Fred even showed up to an appearance he was making with soiled pants after having an accident on the train ride to the venue. Not wanting to miss Gary, Fred proceeded to the event despite the circumstances.

When Howard was nominated as the Libertarian gubernatorial candidate for New York in 1994 it was Fred the Elephant Boy on stage with the King of All Media to address the crowd in a triumphant speech.

In the years since, Fred has maintained a consistent presence on the show participating in memorable stunts like Prostate Karaoke and Bobo’s Walk of Shame.

“The question is, is Elephant Boy on the Wack Pack Mt. Rushmore—and I say yes,” Howard affirmed.

Join us in saluting Fred’s achievement with a brand new prank call featuring the Wack Packer posing as North Korean leader Kim Jon-un on a gay phone sex line (below).