JD Harmeyer Needs to Find a New Dentist After Making This Discovery

Plus, the Stern Show staffer opens up about his thoughts on death and the most valuable item he’ll put in his will

November 26, 2018

JD Harmeyer is on the hunt for a new dentist after discovering the so-called dental expert he has been going to may not be equipped for his needs.

“I need to find a new one,” the Stern Show staffer told Howard on Monday. “I was getting my cleanings from a dentist and then I think I found out that he’s more, like, cosmetic. So, I want to, like, go to an actual dentist thing.”

JD added he went for two or three sessions before discovering his dentist wouldn’t fix his dental issues if any were discovered.

“I love that JD, left to his own devices, found a dentist that doesn’t do dentistry,” Howard remarked with a laugh.

Medical experts often point out how oral health is an important indicator of overall health and JD told Howard he is taking his very seriously as the thought of death frequently keeps him up at night.

“I’m awake in bed and I think about it and I can’t sleep,” he described. “I think it’s just going to be black or whatever and it depresses me every time I think about it.”

When his time comes, JD said he would prefer burial over cremation. “Because maybe there’s a chance I can be broughten, you know, brought back.”

As for who will benefit from his will upon his demise, JD revealed his most valuable possession will be going to his wife—a Derek Jeter rookie baseball card.