AUDIO: Sour Shoes Chats It Up With Sean Hannity in Character as Gary Dell’Abate

Hear the Wack Packer get on air with the talk show host during his radio show broadcast

November 27, 2018
Photo: The Howard Stern Show/Shutterstock

Sour Shoes has struck again with his spot-on impression of Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate—this time getting on air with talk show host and political commentator Sean Hannity during his radio show broadcast.

While the Wack Packer didn’t identify himself to Hannity, any Stern Show fan will be able to pick up on Sour’s phlegmy delivery and copious use of the number “noine” in the conversation. Listen (below).

“Sean Hannity seemed to enjoy talking to fake Gary,” Howard said after hearing the clip. “He had him on the phone a long time.”

“His Gary is great,” Robin praised.

“Every little nuance he has down,” Howard agreed.