Show Rundown: February 27, 2018

Benjy Bronk is searching for a date

February 27, 2018

Good Morning Everybody!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Benjy Bronk was the talk of the office Tuesday morning after the Stern Show staffer took to Facebook for help in finding a potential date.

In his post, Benjy instructed friends to set him up with suitors for a meetup that could include coffee, pizza, or “ditch digging.”

Before sorting through your contacts, know that Benjy does have a few qualifications for the woman of his dreams. “She should be very sweet, very creative, very smart, very curious, not bitchy at all, nonjudgemental, openminded, a free spirited happy type, maybe a little hippieish in attitude, easygoing and open to a little silly & pretty,” he wrote.

Robin Quivers joked that she wouldn’t even let him visit when she was in the hospital let alone setting him up with a friend. “I care about my friends,” she said with a laugh.

Fred Norris echoed her sentiment. “Not in this lifetime or the next,” he said.

Howard did offer some credit to the single staffer, though. “Benjy is a ninja when it comes to dating. He has dated beautiful women,” he reminded listeners.

If you happen to know a special lady, also note that Benjy is offering a reward. “If I like who you set me up with, I may send you a t-shirt or some prize,” he wrote in the post.

As for any restrictions on age, Benjy told Howard that he didn’t mind so long as they were above 18. And for their weight, “it’d be great if they were less than me,” he said.