QUIZ: Which Wack Packers Would Take In Wendy the Slow Adult If She Got Evicted?

Medicated Pete, Angry Alice, Jeff the Drunk, Tan Mom, and more show their true colors

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Fresh off participating in the Wack Pack Conclave, Wendy the Slow Adult has returned with an experiment to see just how loyal her fellow Wack Packers are.

Wendy called up a few of her compatriots and went into full actress mode, telling each one she got evicted and needed a place to crash.

While some conversations proved harder than others, the lengthiest call of them all had nothing to do with the question at hand.

"Medicated Pete has O.C.D. so if you say 'goodbye' to him, he has to get the last 'goodbye' in," Howard explained Tuesday. As a result, Pete spent a full 25 minutes saying farewell to Wendy after revealing his answer, even seemingly going to the bathroom at one point while still on the phone.

See if you can you guess who agreed to take Wendy in and who turned her away (below).