PHOTO: Check Out Sal Governale’s Infected Eye

Stern Show staffer also gives Howard an update on his lottery-obsessed father, Tony Governale

January 7, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show staffer Sal Governale had to head straight for his doctor’s office late last week after discovering his right eye had swollen in size overnight, so much so he could barely see out of it.

“I woke up Thursday morning … my eye blew up. I thought I got bit by a bug,” Sal told Howard on Monday’s Stern Show.

Check out the photo (below).

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The diagnosis was an eye infection called periorbital cellulitis which can be caused by any number of things – minor trauma to the eyelid, a sinus infection, or bacteria entering the eye cavity. Sal’s doctor suspected it might have been the latter and wondered if Sal had accidentally gotten a small amount of fecal matter in his eye, perhaps from not washing his hands thoroughly enough after using the bathroom. He advised Sal to increase his time at the sink and even recommended he sing the ABC’s while washing his hands.

“Like I was four years old,” Sal said with a laugh.

Though he told Howard he’s always been good at washing his hands, Sal admitted he has been following his doctor’s orders so far. “Would you believe I did sing the ABC’s this morning,” he continued.

Howard asked Sal how his father Tony Governale was doing, especially after Sal and fellow Stern Show staffer Steve Nowicki pulled off a memorable phony phone call on the 77-year-old last year. Sal revealed his dad was none too pleased after the prank.

“I had to give my mom a couple of bucks to buy him lottery tickets to soften him up and then he warmed up to me, eventually,” he told Howard.

Winning the lotto is still the senior Governale’s biggest fantasy and he continues to play his numbers on a daily basis. Each and every ticket he plays is stashed around the house for safekeeping, even the ones he knows are losers, just in case they turn out to be worth something someday.

Sal’s dad is also still trying to look his best and is a regular user of Just for Men products that get the gray out of his hair. The only problem is Mr. Governale puts the dye directly onto his scalp rather than mixing it into the applicator solution like the product’s directions clearly state. After resealing several of the boxes with only the applicator bottle inside, Tony asked Sal’s sister to take them back to the store and return them. It wasn’t until a cashier pointed out all of the dye was missing that Sal’s sister realized what her father had done.

“Your sister could have gone to jail,” Howard joked.

“My dad still does this shit to us,” Sal said.