Ronnie Mund Gets Another Visit From His ‘Mom’ After Sharing New Sex Stories From His Youth

“We were so on fire that we couldn’t wait to get to my f-cking house,” the limo driver reveals of a relationship he had as a teenager

January 8, 2019

Few 13-year-olds have any sexual experiences to speak of at such a young age. But few people in the world are as sexed-up as Ronnie Mund. Howard’s driver told a new tale on the Stern Show this week about his childhood girlfriend who seemingly had the same sexual appetite that he did, before the two had even entered high school. He told Howard on the air how he and his steady girl would rush from the bus stop to his bedroom so they could get down and dirty with each other.

“We were so on fire that we couldn’t wait to get to my fucking house every afternoon that we could,” Ronnie said.

To the shock of everyone in the studio, Ronnie revealed he and this mystery girlfriend went so far as to experiment with anal sex. “We’d be in bed naked and … that’s where it wound up,” Ronnie explained.

“I think Ronnie was like an animal in the forest – no sex education, just things happened and then he knew,” a stunned Robin Quivers analyzed.

“He’s just bizarre. Even his sexuality,” Howard added.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Ronnie’s adolescent sex stories make much more sense once you meet his foul-mouthed mother, “Mrs. Mund.” She and her housecoat made a surprise appearance on Tuesday to explain how she taught their son everything there is to know about getting it on. “Mrs. Mund” also revealed who in the family Ronnie gets his penchant for pegging from.

“Ronnie takes after his father, Eunice Mund,” she told Howard. “He was like a filing cabinet … Shit would go up there, you’d never see it again.”

“Ronnie’s Mom” listed off some items she used to shove up her husband, including a box of Melba toast, two rotary phones, and an old-fashioned Victrola.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Before “Mrs. Mund” departed the Stern Show studio, Ronnie asked her why she seems to always have an oversized sex toy hanging between her legs every time she drops by.

“Some ladies wear a purse, I wear a fucking schlong!” she explained.