AUDIO: Richard Christy Asks His Dad if He Should Get Dental Surgery

“A lot of people have empty spaces in their head, Bub,” the elder Christy tells his son

January 14, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Last week, Richard Christy shocked his co-workers with both orange-stained teeth and the news his dentist had advised him to get another round of oral surgery. On Monday, the Stern Show staffer offered an update on the situation by way of a phone call between him and his father.

After exchanging Kansas City Chiefs-related salutations, Richard asked the elder Christy for advice on whether he should spend $4,000 to implant another screw into the other side of his mouth. “God damned,” Richard’s dad said. “I got false teeth. Maybe you should go with false teeth.”

Richard told him he was hesitant to go that route as it would mean pulling out the perfectly good teeth still in his mouth. “Yeah, you wouldn’t wanna pull them out,” Richard’s dad agreed before wondering if the tooth in question was even “a necessary tooth.”

“A lot of teeth you don’t need,” Richard’s dad continued, adding, “A lot of people have empty spaces in their head, Bub.”

Take a listen (below).

Richard’s dad left Richard with plenty to think about, but somehow the staffer didn’t seem stressed out about his options. “I would freak out if I didn’t have one of my teeth, but maybe you’re more relaxed about life,” Howard told him after playing the call.

Richard did admit he was reluctant to pull any tooth that might prevent him from enjoying a good steak, though he said his dad owns special meat-chewing dentures for just such an occasion.

Howard had another idea. “Why don’t you take them all out and then just have your wife chew your food for you and spit it into your throat?” he joked.

While Richard didn’t reveal whether he’s decided to go ahead with the dental surgery, he did shed some light on last week’s orange-toothed mystery. “You know what I think it was from?” he said. “I had meatballs that day with tomato sauce.”