Does Bobo’s Latest Question for Howard Prove He Doesn’t Actually Listen to the Stern Show?

“Bobo, I’m a better superfan than you,” fellow frequent caller Mariann from Brooklyn tells him

February 4, 2019
Photo: Twitter

Just last week, Howard talked on air about how his name came up during Andy Cohen’s recent conversation with Jay Leno on the Bravo late-night series “Watch What Happens Live.” But apparently Bobo wasn’t listening. He called up on Monday morning to ask if Howard saw the show and if he had any thoughts about the interview.

“You didn’t hear when I played his comments and I commented at length about them?” Howard asked Bobo. “You’re a superfan – how did you miss the show?”

“I didn’t retain that for my repertoire,” Bobo replied.

Bobo tried to explain he could have stepped away from his radio during that segment but also maintained he heard Howard discussing Leno the first time around and his question this morning covered something that hadn’t previously been discussed on the Stern Show.

Mariann from Brooklyn at the Stern Show in 2007 Mariann from Brooklyn at the Stern Show in 2007 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Fellow frequent caller Mariann from Brooklyn got on the line and told Bobo his memory must really be bad since the two of them even talked about this topic on the phone with each other.

“Bobo, we spoke about this! Are you senile?” she said with a laugh. “Bobo, I’m a better superfan than you.”

Mariann revealed she and Bobo touch base with each other almost daily to review “game plans” on how they might get on the air with Howard. “We talk about the show every day,” she said. “Sometimes we discuss our questions, sometimes we don’t.”

And while she couldn’t think of a specific example, Mariann even charged Bobo with repeatedly ripping off some of her talking points and bringing them up on the Stern Show himself.

“We all want to get on the air, Howard,” Mariann admitted. “It’s our heroin.”