Show Rundown: February 4, 2019

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick lead the New England Patriots to their sixth Super Bowl championship

February 4, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

Jon Hein, Jonathan Kraft, Robert Kraft, and Gary Dell'Abate Jon Hein, Jonathan Kraft, Robert Kraft, and Gary Dell’Abate Photo: Getty Images

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady wrote yet another chapter in the New England Patriots’ legacy on Sunday night with their sixth Super Bowl victory.

Ahead of the big game, Patriots owners Robert and Jonathan Kraft stopped by the Wrap Up Show live at Radio Row in Atlanta and talked to Jon Hein and Gary Dell’Abate about their team’s storied history. They even let on a little about how their team has been able to be so dominant for so long.

“When we get into those tough situations, we have a big picture of Howard in the locker room hanging there that everyone comes in, sees, and genuflects and gets inspired afterwards,” the elder Kraft joked.

Photo or not, the combination of Belichick and Brady has proven to be a winning strategy and Howard praised Mr. Kraft on Monday for having the foresight to believe in them.