Has Dr. Dan Settled the ‘Squirt’ Debate Once and for All?

Plastic surgeon calls in to share insight from his medical career

March 6, 2019
Ronnie Ronnie Photo: The Howard Stern Show

There may finally be an answer to the longstanding debate over what exactly female “squirt” is made of after Wednesday’s Stern Show where a plastic surgeon named Dr. Dan called in and broke down the argument anatomically.

While some insist the fluid is simply urine, others, like Ronnie “the Limo Driver” Mund have maintained it is something else entirely — and Dr. Dan agreed.

“There’s extra little glands that sometimes form around the urethra on the inside of the vagina. When you get stimulated, sometimes they can fill with fluid,” he explained. “And when they ejaculate, it’s a fluid that’s not urine — it’s almost like prostatic fluid. It has a little bit of something extra in it, but it’s not urine.”

Robin Quivers was shocked by the revelation. “You’re the first person who said that to us that has an M.D. behind your name,” she told Dr. Dan.

And even when Howard pressed him on the matter, pointing out how other medical professionals have offered contradictory explanations, Dan was adamant.

“They’re 100 percent wrong. It’s distinct and separate,” he maintained.

Dan also added the reason some women squirt while others don’t may come down to their testosterone levels. “A lot of times when girls have high testosterone those glands are better formed,” he said.

That was enough for Ronnie, who began yelling with vindication in the Stern Show office hallway.