VIDEO: Memet Walker Pitches His Idea for a Times Square Billboard to Promote Howard’s New Book

“Are you for real or is this a bit?” the King of All Media asks after seeing the presentation

March 12, 2019

Howard set the world abuzz on Tuesday when he announced the May release of his first book in over 20 years, “Howard Stern Comes Again.” Not only did the big reveal lead to the book skyrocketing to the top of bestseller charts, it also resulted in multiple Stern Show staffers pitching their boss on how he could best promote the upcoming release.

“I came up with a Times Square billboard,” Memet Walker announced in the studio before unveiling a hand-drawn storyboard. “I have a concept for it that I brought it in to show you.”

Memet, who has entertained the staff with elaborate ideas in the past, asked for Howard and co-host Robin Quivers to hear him out before rushing to judgment. He then proceeded to pitch them on an interactive billboard involving Howard, the book, his bed, no clothes, and “implied” bodily fluids. Take a look (above).

“Are you for real or is this a bit?” Howard asked after hearing the pitch.

At least one staffer thought it was a good idea. “Howard, I’m with Memet on this,” Richard Christy said in a fit of laughter. “That’s fucking great.”

Robin disagreed, though. “You know what, Howard? We work here at SiriusXM, they wouldn’t put that in the lobby,” she said.