AUDIO: Howard’s Promotional Book Tour Gets a Boost From Mariann From Brooklyn and Sal Governale

The longtime caller spreads the word on Bubba the Love Sponge's radio show while the staffer does his part with a phony phone call

April 29, 2019
Mariann From Brooklyn at Howard's Birthday Bash in 2014 Mariann From Brooklyn at Howard’s Birthday Bash in 2014 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The promotional tour for “Howard Stern Comes Again” is well underway, but on Monday listeners learned Howard isn’t the only one working hard to spread the word about his new book. Longtime caller Mariann from Brooklyn and staffer Sal Governale are also doing their part to ensure the May 14 offering gets all the attention it deserves.

Mariann has been calling a variety of different radio shows, including Bubba the Love Sponge’s, WFAN’s Boomer and Gio, and even the Joe Piscopo Show, to let the world know Howard’s book hits shelves soon. Howard played clips of the calls on Monday, and while she sometimes used the name Anne Marie from Queens to get on the air, it didn’t take long for most of the other hosts to realize they were speaking with one of the most distinctive radio show callers in the business.

In Bubba’s case, there was no need for Mariann to use an alias. Howard’s longtime friend and colleague has graciously given her about 15 to 20 minutes of airtime every Thursday to discuss Howard’s new book. Listen to her Bubba call-in (below).

“Mariann, thank you for all the book promotion,” Howard told her on Monday.

Sal’s contributions, as one could imagine, went much differently. Fellow Stern Show staffer Richard Christy called into a Kansas-based political radio show as himself and told the host his boss, Howard, wanted to say something on the air about his new book. The host was beyond excited to talk to the King of All Media, but what he didn’t realize was it was actually Sal doing his Howard impression.

“It’s a pleasure to have you,” the host told Sal in character as Howard. “I recognize your voice.”

The host was even more stunned to hear the voice of O.J. Simpson on the other line, thanks to Sal and Richard playing old clips of infamous athlete.

“I’m afraid those guys are going to buy the book and they’re going to be disappointed,” the real Howard joked after playing the call.

Of course, no one works harder to promote “Howard Stern Comes Again” than Howard himself. The busy promotional schedule takes a toll, however, thus Howard announced he’s postponing his much-anticipated European vacation with his good friend Jimmy Kimmel and their wives.

“I’m doing all this book promotion, and then I’m going to hop on a plane to Italy? I’m going to need time to decompress,” Howard explained on Monday, adding they might reschedule for next summer.