JD Harmeyer Spends Big Bucks on His Trip Home to Visit His Family

And Howard worries he’ll spend even more on his honeymoon

May 1, 2019

JD Harmeyer was determined to show his family a good time during a trip home to Ohio over Easter weekend — and his heavy spending habits have Howard worried.

On Wednesday, the Stern Show staffer detailed how he spent a thousand dollars on four “Diamond Club” tickets to the Cincinnati Reds game and even more on dinners, a hotel room, and plane tickets for the trip.

Moreover, Howard expressed worry over the fact JD didn’t seem to be planning for his future when it came to his finances.

“I don’t have a real savings account at the moment,” JD admitted. “But my bank account is fine.”

The lack of a savings hasn’t slowed him down any, though, as JD and his wife are planning a honeymoon to California’s wine country soon. And despite warnings from Gary Dell’Abate and Robin Quivers over the potential price of such an excursion, he remained carefree.

“When you space things out enough, everything is fine,” JD contended. “We know how to work things out.”

He may not have a nest egg to fall back on quite yet, but according to recent Wrap Up Show guests Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, JD’s name is all over Hollywood.

The trio, who co-created YouTube’s “Cobra Kai” series, recently shared the story of how they’ve seen JD’s name floating around on directors lists at agency pitch meetings. Listen (below):

JD himself was baffled by the news and figured it must be due to him guest-directing a scene for “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” in 2014.

“It’s very odd … I haven’t gotten any offers, you know, professional offers or anything. So, it’s not really working,” he told Howard.