VIDEO: Comedic Activists ‘Chad Kroeger’ and ‘J.T. Parr’ Pay Homage to Britney Spears at City Council Meeting

The duo’s latest viral video involves Fudgsicles, a water treatment plant, and an a cappella cover of ”Toxic”

May 21, 2019

Bros turned activists “Chad Kroeger” (Tom Allen) and “J.T. Parr” (John Parr) are at it again.

On Tuesday’s Stern Show, Howard played clips of the comedic duo crashing yet another city council meeting. This time, instead of defending house parties or scooter rentals, the guys delivered impassioned pleas to have a Southern California water treatment facility renamed after pop star Britney Spears.

Chad kicked things off with a meandering speech about his love for Fudgsicles and lifelong adoration of Britney, but a city council member interrupted him, wondering how this was related to the meeting at hand. “Sir, sir, sir—I don’t know what bet you lost, but this is not within the jurisdiction of the city of Manhattan Beach,” he said.

“Well, basically, I’m trying to get her stoked again,” Chad responded. “So, that’s why I’m asking the city of Manhattan Beach to rename the water treatment center the Britney Spears Toxic Water Center after her hit song ‘Toxic.’”

His buddy J.T. then took over the mic and sang an a cappella version of the popular Britney tune.

“The guys are geniuses,” Howard laughed after hearing the clip.

Watch the full video (above) and see more from the duo here.