PHOTO: Check Out the Lesions on Bobo’s Head Caused by His Hair System

Stern Show caller says a health scare led him to take off his infamous toupee for good

June 10, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

After decades spent obsessing over his toupee, it seems Bobo is finally embracing his naturally bald head — but not by choice. The frequent Stern Show caller revealed on Monday’s Stern Show he developed lesions on the top of head recently that sent him running to a dermatologist.

“I’ve been going to the skin doctor and he tested me for cancer. I was freaking out,” he told Howard.

Luckily, the tests uncovered a simple skin irritation likely caused by a combination of the hairpiece and the climate of Florida, where he now lives.

“He said my scalp wasn’t breathing properly,” Bobo explained.

On recommendation from the doctor, Bobo has officially shed his toupee as of two weeks ago, ditching his three $1,500 hairpieces. “I’m bringing the hair up to New York. You guys can have it,” he offered.

Surprisingly, Howard first learned all of this from Jason Kaplan as opposed to Shuli Egar who normally deals directly with the Wack Pack.

“Shuli is having a shit fit because Bobo went around [him] and went straight to Jason,” he told listeners.

For his part, Shuli argued he has sifted through all of the “mundane” moments in Bobo’s life for years, helping him work through stories worthy of Howard’s time, only to have Bobo go behind his back and give Jason a major scoop.

Though Bobo tried to explain he took his news to Jason simply because that is who usually deals with his in-person appearances and he was headed to New York, Shuli remained unconvinced and told him to direct all of his calls to Jason going forward.

Howard had some bad news for Bobo, though. “Now you’ve alienated everyone because Jason told me he doesn’t want you calling him,” he said.