AUDIO: Henry Winkler, Pauly Shore, and Rocky Pendergast Escape Cannibals and Jump Sharks in Epic New ‘Live! With Cathi’ Prank Call

“The cannibals have the munchies and they’re scarfing down my spleen,” Shore exclaims over the phone

June 12, 2019
Photo: Getty Images

On Wednesday, Howard was excited to debut a new extra-long phony phone call in which the disaster-prone character Rocky Pendergast teams up with real-life celebrities Henry Winkler and Pauly Shore to once again prank the inspirational radio program “Live! With Cathi.”

The six-minute long “magnum opus,” as Howard described it, follows Rocky as he calls Cathi from a luxurious island off the coast of Papua New Guinea where he and his celebrity friends have gathered to celebrate the King of All Media and the release of his best-selling book “Howard Stern Comes Again.” Unfortunately for everyone in attendance, the natives soon grow hungry and look to make Rocky and his cohorts their next meal.

“It might be … the longest and most elaborate phony phone call that we’ve ever made,” Howard explained before playing the clip. “In fact, I’m calling it a radio play more than a phony phone call.”

Listen to the Rocky Pendergast’s latest exploits, featuring the “Happy Days” star once again jumping a shark and the “Encino Man” actor getting devoured by cannibals (below).