VIDEO: Sal Governale’s ‘Dad’ Talks Pizza and Procreation During a Special Father’s Day Visit With the Stern Show

The self-proclaimed pizza innovator connects with Howard via satellite after Sal makes a big on-air revelation

June 12, 2019

With Father’s Day on the horizon Sal Governale entered the studio Wednesday morning to share yet another wild story about his thick-accented, pizza-making dad: Thanks to a DNA-matching website, the staffer had just recently learned about the existence of two new sisters who his father apparently conceived.

In light of the big revelation and in honor of this weekend’s holiday, Sal’s “dad” paid a special visit to the Stern Show, connecting with Howard live via satellite to talk about everything from whacking his son with a loaf of Italian bread to his feelings on all of his children.

“I feel a lot of remorse, but I hate these DNA websites. I find out who runs the website and I take a loaf of bread, I beat the shit out of them,” Sal’s “dad” told Howard shortly before even more of his children arrived on his front door.

“And on that note, Happy Father’s Day, everybody,” Sal concluded after the segment ended.