VIDEO: Howard Celebrates 20 Years of Gary Dell’Abate’s Infamous ‘Love Tape’ With Forthcoming Howard 101 Special

“The worst pitch was not at Shea Stadium, it was on this video tape,” the King of All Media explains ahead of Friday’s Baba Booey-hosted anniversary special

June 17, 2019

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Gary Dell’Abate has been goofed on for quite a few different things over the course of his long Stern Show career, but on Monday morning Howard and Robin Quivers celebrated the 20th anniversary of what many fans consider to be Baba Booey’s biggest stumble ever: the awkward and heartfelt “love tape” he recorded to try and win back an ex-girlfriend in the late 1980s. The tape never helped Gary win his ex back, but it did make its way onto the air in 1999 and resulted in countless long-running gags at Gary’s expense, from song parodies and phony phone calls to celebrity superfans Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro’s televised wedding ceremony.

“There’s a lot of things we give Gary a hard time about,” Howard explained before going through a litany of his executive producer’s most memorable missteps which include wild first pitches, constant throat clearing, scraping up his friend’s new Tesla, and even falling asleep on the job. “The love tape, to me, is the most embarrassing thing Gary has ever done, even more than the first pitch.”

“It’s the ultimate,” Robin concurred, later adding it was “the greatest tape ever made.”

Fans looking to relive Gary’s infamous love tape and subsequent on-air roasting need not look far—on Monday, Howard announced Howard 101 will air a four-hour long ‘Love Tape’ 20th Anniversary Special on Friday, hosted by Baba Booey himself. “He’s going to give fans the full history of this legendary tape that has lived on for two decades now. It’s part of the fabric of this show. It’s part of the legend of this show,” Howard said.

Tune into Howard 101 on Friday to hear Gary’s Love Tape 20th Anniversary Special, check out a clip from the love tape (above), and watch the full 27-minute premiere of the video from 1999 on the SiriusXM app.