PHOTO: High Register Sean Believes He Found Proof of Sasquatch

Wack Packer is preparing to track dog men in the woods with Shuli Egar

June 19, 2019

Next week, the Stern Show’s own Shuli Egar plans to travel to the woods of Massachusetts to hunt for “dog men” with frequent caller and passionate conspiracy theorist High Register Sean — but first Sean wanted to talk to Howard about his recent trip spent hunting for Sasquatch.

“It’s field work. I’m doing research,” he explained on Wednesday. “We found a footprint in the mud. I made a cast of it.”

After seeing the photo (below), Howard wasn’t quite sure what he was looking at, though. “Bigfoot doesn’t have big feet because it wasn’t that big,” he joked.

When Sean takes Shuli to sniff out the dog men living in his woods, he will be prepared with much more than just casting material. “We’re going to be hanging some meat from the trees to try and draw them in,” he told Robin Quivers, adding he would also be bringing some gear for his and Shuli’s protection from the creatures.

It turns out Sean never shared his plans with Shuli, who voiced concerns over attracting actual bears with the meat.

“A few years ago, a jogger was running through the woods behind my house and claimed that … he saw a bear standing on two feet walk into the woods,” Sean admitted.

However, Sean was quick to allay any fears about Shuli being in harm’s way during his visit. “Trust me, he’s going to be the safest he’s ever been in my presence,” Sean assured Howard.