VIDEO: Gary Dell’Abate Battles With Benjy Bronk Over Who Can Better Tell Howard About Peloton Bikes

“Benjy insists that he’s the Peloton expert,” the Stern Show’s executive producer says while arguing on air with his co-worker

July 14, 2019

SoulCycle or Peloton?

That’s what was up for debate on Monday’s Stern Show as Howard wondered which exercise regimen would be right for him. Executive producer Gary Dell’Abate just started working out on a Peloton bike that he bought for his home and advised his boss that was the way to go.

“I think you might enjoy it because you get to choose the length that you want to do, you get to choose the kind of music you want,” Gary told Howard from the mic installed at the desk in his office.

But while Gary was trying to explain the benefits of Peloton, Howard noticed he kept turning away from the camera to yell at someone. That someone was fellow Stern Show staffer Benjy Bronk who wanted to weigh in on the discussion. After all, he’s taken Peloton classes before and has even shown up in some of their online videos, pedaling away in the front row.

“Benjy insists that he’s the Peloton expert. He won’t fucking leave,” Gary said. “He’s pissed that he can’t be the Peloton guy.”

Gary did allow Benjy to quickly give his two cents on the matter and he wound up making a very valid point on why a home Peloton bicycle would be better for Howard than attending SoulCycle classes.

“SoulCycle you have to dance on the bike,” Benjy said.

“Oh I heard about that,” Howard said with a laugh. “I’m not doing that.”