AUDIO: ‘Ethel’ Prank Calls a Civil War Museum to Sell Abe Lincoln’s ‘Turd’

“I have a very rare Abe Lincoln heirloom that I’d like to get appraised,” Richard Christy tells the museum in character

July 23, 2019
Photo: Shutterstock

Richard Christy has struck prank call gold once again with his “Ethel” character, this time calling a Civil War museum to sell a rare item from none other than President Abraham Lincoln.

“My great-great-great grandfather was a plumber in Gettysburg and he passed down to us one of Abe Lincoln’s turds,” he tells an employee at the museum.

Needless to say, the staff at the museum are stumped by Richard’s attempts to put a value on the heirloom. Hear how they react in the full phony phone call (below).