VIDEO: Sal Governale Struggles to Pronounce ‘Ireland’

Mishap occurs as the staffer seeks redemption for an altogether different flub

July 23, 2019

Sal Governale famously caught on-air heat in 2010 after mistakenly identifying Idaho as the country where the Great Potato Famine occurred during a general knowledge quiz administered by his colleague Gary Dell’Abate. Nine years later, Howard gave Sal a chance at redemption, but the Stern Show staffer somehow managed to dig himself an even deeper hole.

“Do you know where the potato famine was?” Howard asked him on Tuesday.

“Now I do: Ira-land,” Sal responded, unaware he was mispronouncing the country’s name.

From “prevalent” and “retraction” to “statistician,” Sal has certainly mangled his share of words in the past, but Howard, co-host Robin Quivers, and Fred Norris nevertheless spent the next few minutes teaching him how to correctly say “Ireland.”

“Like Long Ireland,” Howard joked. Watch the clip (above).