Shuli Egar Clashes With Jeff the Drunk After the Wack Packer Disrupts His Comedy Show

Plus, the Stern Show staffer updates Howard on a recent health scare

July 24, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Shuli Egar got into it with Jeff the Drunk on Wednesday’s Stern Show, lambasting the Wack Packer for causing a ruckus at his stand-up comedy show over the weekend at the Rivers Casino in Schenectady, N.Y.

“He ruined the show for people,” Shuli told Howard. “People left upset because of him.”

The show was a big gig for Shuli and his first booking at that particular casino. He told Howard he now realizes he made a crucial mistake in comping Jeff the Drunk a few tickets. “He called me up crying,” Shuli said, explaining he only allowed the Wack Packer to come see his set in “a moment of weakness.”

Things went haywire before the show even began when security called up Shuli to inform him Jeff was causing a disruption from the audience, yelling and banging on the stage. Security wanted to remove him, but Shuli said he decided to offer him a second chance by coming out into the audience before the show and whispering into Jeff’s ear to “shut the fuck up.”

Shuli said he suspected Jeff was “shitfaced” before the show actually started, but the staffer said his actual set went fine until he made the mistake of telling a story on stage about prank calling Jeff while doing Periscope karaoke. The tale drew laughs but also emboldened the Wack Packer to begin talking over Shuli’s set. He interrupted Shuli’s final jokes and by the end of the show he was reportedly so drunk the hotel had to cart him out in a wheelchair. Adding insult to injury, Jeff phoned Shuli the next day but yelled at him instead of apologizing.

“The only way to have him at your show is you do a Hannibal Lecter … fuck the wheelchair, bring him in one of those gurneys,” Howard told him.

“With tape over his mouth,” co-host Robin Quivers added.

Jeff the Drunk shared his side of the story with Howard, too. He copped to hitting the bar before the show—drinking as many as four craft beers —and riding there in a golf cart, but much of his story was indecipherable. The Wack Packer did claim Shuli treated him poorly from the get-go, saying things like “Don’t make me throw you out motherfucker!” and later refusing to take a picture with him.

Howard wondered if Jeff planned to take any personal responsibility for disrupting Shuli’s gig, but apparently the Wack Packer did not. “Why invite me?” He asked Howard. “Shuli knows how I fucking am.”

Shuli certainly does now. “Even if he buys tickets, he’s never coming to a show of mine again,” he declared.

Jeff the Drunk’s unruly behavior isn’t the only thing Shuli has had to contend with lately, either. The staffer also endured a health scare involving chest pain and shortness of breath. Shuli told Howard he panicked, worried he was experiencing a heart attack, and took himself to the emergency room. “I’m like ‘This is it,’” he recounted Wednesday morning. After running tests doctors diagnosed him with angina, a type of chest pain which can lead to serious heart issues in the future. They suggested Shuli make some immediate lifestyle changes, so he told Howard he quit smoking cigarettes.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stress can of course weigh heavy on the heart and Howard wondered if Shuli’s recent Jeff the Drunk run-in might have contributed to his angina.

“It definitely didn’t help, I know that,” Shuli told him.