Robin Quivers Calls Out Ronnie Mund After She Forgets Her Two Cell Phones at Work

“She claims she couldn’t get ahold of me? She talked to me! She even told me to go f-ck myself,” Howard’s limo driver contends

August 6, 2019

Howard was stunned to learn Tuesday morning that Robin Quivers had forgotten not one but two cellphones at work after Monday’s show. His longtime co-host apparently brought both of them into the studio, something she said she doesn’t normally do, and wound up leaving them both behind. Understandably frustrated, Robin said she tried calling Ronnie Mund to ask him to retrieve her phones for her but couldn’t get ahold of him.

Howard was confused not only by the chaos that ensued after Robin forgot her phones but also about why she feels the need to carry two around in the first place.

“I always had two phones. You text me on one and call me on the other,” Robin explained, adding, “I used to do a lot more international travel, and one of them was great for calling home when you were away.”

Ronnie, however, was none too pleased with Robin’s depiction of the previous day’s events, so he came into the studio to defend himself and share his side of the story. “She claims she couldn’t get ahold of me? She talked to me! She even told me to go fuck myself because I yelled at her because she always forgets everything,” Ronnie insisted.

Howard joked Robin’s past ayahuasca usage may have contributed to her forgetfulness, but his co-host insisted she only misplaced her phones because she had left the studio in a rush. She also pushed back on one aspect of Ronnie’s rebuttal: “I didn’t say ‘Go fuck yourself,’” Robin clarified. “I said ‘Go screw yourself.’”