Show Rundown: September 9, 2019

Howard talks painting and listening to great music from the 1990s

September 9, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

Painting and listening to SiriusXM’s Lithium channel is a regular weekend activity for Howard and he told Robin on Monday that’s exactly what he did this weekend, as well. Hearing some of the great alternative rock music from the ’90s got him thinking about bands like Stabbing Westward and Rage Against the Machine. Tom Morello, the guitarist for Rage and several other successful bands, even has his own show on Lithium called “One Man Revolution” that Howard enjoys listening to.

“The ’90s had the best music. Crazy good,” Howard remarked on air Monday morning.

But what Howard couldn’t figure out was how a band like Rage Against the Machine breaks up after having so many hit songs. Something else he couldn’t figure out was why it’s so difficult to get in touch with his co-host Robin Quivers. He attempted to talk with her over the phone during his painting session this weekend but no matter how many times he called, Robin didn’t pick up.

“Darling, I called you back 50 times,” Howard joked. “Who can get you on the phone?”