Show Rundown: September 10, 2019

A call from Bobo leads to Howard questioning his super fan status

September 10, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

Early on during Tuesday’s show, frequent caller Bobo was once again on the phone to ask Howard a rather outdated question.

“Did you check out Chris Cuomo?” the retired driver’s ed instructor asked, referring to a viral video of the CNN anchor that came out last month. Howard and Robin had even already discussed the video way back on August 13th. Bobo claimed to not remember that on-air conversation and also had some difficulty pronouncing Cuomo’s name properly, repeatedly saying it as “Cromo.”

Another Stern Show caller then suggested Bobo be stripped of his superfan status since he seems to forget a lot of major on-air moments.

“I’m going to call him Bobo the casual fan,” Howard said with a laugh.

The Bobo Puppet asked some additional timely questions too , including: “What do you think of Sean Spicer leaving the Trump White House as the Press Secretary?” and “How do you feel about the Mueller Report?”