Show Rundown: September 4, 2019

Howard showers his urinal with praise — but would he give up his Toto toilet for it?

September 4, 2019

Good Morning Everybody!

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What is the true measure of wealth?

While some buy artwork or fancy cars, Howard told a caller Wednesday morning he treasures a much different purchase in his home.

“I got a urinal … it was the smartest fucking thing I ever did,” he revealed. “My urinal made all of my life’s work worth it.”

The only problem he has been experiencing is the smell. Though it gets flushed regularly, Howard admitted his urinal has a certain odor at times.

The caller then posed a difficult question. “Would you rather give up your urinal or Toto toilet? What’s better?” he asked Howard.

After a tough deliberation, Howard settled on sticking it out with his Toto as he has already mastered the technique of cleaning out after making a doody.