AUDIO: Hear Sal Governale’s ‘Lenny the Contradictor’ Character Make His Debut in a New Phony Phone Call

Stern Show staffer calls an aloof radio host to both agree and disagree with everything he says

September 11, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Wednesday saw the debut of a brand new phony phone call character, “Lenny the Contradictor.”

There was a theory going around the Stern Show back office that if you listen closely to most radio shows, the hosts don’t actually listen to the fans who call in.

“They hear what they want to hear,” Howard explained to Robin before playing the new prank call in which staffer Sal Governale goes back and forth with a D.J. who doesn’t seem to notice how contradictory all of his opinions are.

“Lenny” both condemned and condoned of everything from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Donald Trump and even the host’s show itself.

“Your show stinks but it’s great,” Sal deadpans.

Listen to the new phony phone call (below).