Howard Convinces Sal Governale to Quit Vaping Live on the Stern Show

An impromptu intervention ends with the staffer just saying no

September 12, 2019

What began as a standard news segment in which co-host Robin Quivers reported on the recent string of vaping-related health issues quickly turned into an intervention for Stern Show staffer Sal Governale.

“I love the guy but he’s killing himself,” Howard declared right out of the gate. While Howard understood the logic of Sal using vaping as a means to quitting cigarettes, he couldn’t fathom it being a sound overall health choice. “You’re taking chemicals and breathing into your lungs,” he argued.

As a dumbfounded Fred Norris looked on, Sal agreed that while he did cut down on his vaping by about 50 percent, it was “stupid” to be doing it at all. “I really do want to quit,” he said.

“Honey, you’ve got to stop,” fellow staffer Richard Cristy pleaded. “I’ve been trying to get Sal to stop for years and now I’m really frickin’ worried about him.”

After more back and forth, Howard got straight to the point. “Take that stupid thing plugged in and throw it out,” he demanded.

Watching as Howard threw the vape pen and juice into the trash, Sal affirmed, “I’m done with it.”

An elated Richard hugged Sal in the aftermath and Howard seemed just as proud. “That’s a man,” he said. “You’re a fucking man.”