VIDEO: Howard and Robin Struggle to Communicate Via Text Message

“You know what? Let’s be pen pals. Mail me a letter,” the King of All Media jokes

September 12, 2019

Howard texted Robin Quivers a picture of his latest painting over the weekend, but his co-host claimed she never received it. On Monday morning, the two tried getting to the root of their communication breakdown.

“You don’t read your texts,” Howard suggested before asking her to open up her phone in the studio and take another look for his message.

“I will look but … I don’t think you did. I have no notification,” Robin responded.

Howard then tried sending her a test text while they were live on the air, but she still didn’t get it. “What’s with your equipment?” he wondered. “I hate your phone.”

Robin then accused Howard of sending it to the wrong number, but he wondered if the mishap might be related to the fact she uses two different cellphones. Digging through his own phone, Howard realized he’d been carrying on separate conversations with each one of her phone numbers. “Maybe you need a third phone just for me,” he said.

Robin wasn’t having it. She left her booth and went over to Howard’s side of the studio to examine his phone for herself. That’s when she noticed he may have sent the photo to a very old text chain. “These are our latest texts, Howard. Right here. Right here!” she exclaimed.

But Howard was exasperated. “You know what? Let’s be pen pals. Mail me a letter,” he joked. “I’m done with it. I’ll fax you.”