JD Harmeyer Bought His Wife a $450 Gucci Belt

Leading Howard to worry about his longtime staffer's spending habits

September 13, 2019

JD Harmeyer was given an unexpected lesson on financial responsibility Wednesday after a caller named Brian informed Howard that the Stern Show staffer’s wife posted a photo to Instagram recently showing off a Gucci belt valued at $450.

“Your wife knows you’re not a millionaire just because you’re famous, right JD?” a concerned Howard asked.

“She wanted a Gucci belt for our anniversary … and I accidentally bought the wrong one, the more expensive one,” JD explained.

After assuring JD they would speak more after the show “man to man,” Howard had plenty to say about JD’s spending. “He left a 30 percent tip at a takeout place that didn’t require tips,” he said. “People deserve a tip but you’re not Rockefeller, JD.”

Recalling that the belt was on top of the anniversary trip to Napa and an upcoming wine tour, Howard implored JD to be more careful with his money. “Listen, you gotta save for the future,” Howard warned.

Once JD copped to paying for some of these items by credit card despite not knowing the interest rate, Howard was floored. “What kind of financial planning is this?” he wondered out loud. “You like paying 18 percent.”

Howard assured his young staffer he hopes he’d be more thrifty in the future. “Gucci belts, wine country, I’m just worried about you.” he noted. “I’m the one who loves you, remember that.”