High Pitch Erik Reveals He Bought a Car, Obtained His Learner’s Permit, and Will Take the Road Test on Friday

Howard and cohost Robin Quivers consider wagering on whether the Wack Packer has any chance of passing

September 17, 2019

High Pitch Erik has purchased a vehicle and is revving up to get his driver’s license. “I have a permit, and I drive a car, and I’m taking my road test on Friday,” the Wack Packer told Howard on Tuesday over the phone.

High Pitch said he obtained his learner’s permit after passing a written driving test, which Howard and his co-host Robin Quivers could barely wrap their heads around. “Anybody wanna bet on whether he can pass a road test?” Howard asked.

Robin was tempted to make the wager after High Pitch swore he’d been practicing for the road test “every single day,” but she ultimately decided against it. Curious how he managed to pass the written test in the first place, Howard quizzed Erik on several rules of the road. The Wack Packer mostly seemed to know his stuff in that regard, but when it came to the laws surrounding his permit Erik didn’t appear to have a clue.

Learner’s permits generally don’t allow drivers to get behind the wheel unless accompanied by a licensed adult, yet Erik said he recently drove to Connecticut by himself, even reaching speeds of 80 miles per hour. Howard cautioned him against solo driving, but the Wack Packer didn’t seem worried. “Howard, do you know how many cops I know in New York?” he asked.

The whole situation had Howard in disbelief. “I can’t believe he’s on the road … you gotta be really careful when you drive,” he told Erik.