Should Memet Walker and JD Harmeyer Be Added to Next Week’s Newly-Wet Game?

Both Stern Show staffers struggled to guess their significant other’s favorite movie on Wednesday morning

January 23, 2019
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Two additional Stern Show couples could wind up competing in next week’s Newly-Wet Game but based on what was said on air Wednesday morning they might not fare well in the competition.

Memet Walker came into the studio confident he and his girlfriend would “wipe the floor” with Ronnie Mund, Brent Hatley, and their significant others in a couple vs. couple contest.

“They’re both lugheads who don’t understand women,” Memet said of his two co-workers. “I could beat either of you.”

Memet and his girlfriend have been together for four months now and he’s already declared his love for her on Instagram. He provided some simple questions which anyone should know about their significant other to see if Brent and Ronnie could answer correctly. Little did Memet know, his girlfriend was texting Gary Dell’Abate her responses to these questions as well.

When asked what his girlfriend’s favorite movie of all time was, Memet replied it was the recent Mister Rogers documentary “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” However, she told Gary her favorite flick was actually “Harold and Maude.”

“That’s her second favorite movie,” Memet protested. “She doesn’t even know what she likes.”

His wrong answers didn’t end there, though.

When asked when his girlfriend’s birthday was, Memet answered July 10. Turns out she was actually born on July 19. Memet was also incorrect in guessing her favorite color, saying it was pink when in fact her favorite color is red.

“She’s wrong! She’s doing this to mess with me,” Memet yelled. “Those are superficial things. I can tell you, like, what’s in her mind because I listen to her.”

Someone else sending texts to Gary during the show was JD Harmeyer’s wife. Considering the two just tied the knot last summer, everyone thought JD and his bride would be a fitting addition to the Newlywed Game-style segment. But while Mrs. Harmeyer told Gary she was willing to come on the air, Mr. Harmeyer stated he’d rather she not.

JD Harmeyer and his wife JD Harmeyer and his wife Photo: The Howard Stern Show

“I’m like George Costanza … I don’t want my worlds to collide,” JD explained, referencing the “Seinfeld” character who famously didn’t want his girlfriend Susan hanging out with his gang of friends.

The attention JD’s wife would get by appearing on the Stern Show wouldn’t exactly be unwelcomed by her, either – she already posts regularly on social media to her thousands of followers. And if she ultimately wants to come into Howard’s studio, JD said he would oblige though not without concern something would come up on the air that would be embarrassing to him.

Since everyone else was doing it, JD took a shot at guessing his wife’s favorite movie, telling Howard he was pretty sure it was “Titanic.” He was wrong – her favorite movie is “The Empire Strikes Back.”

“Very close,” Sal Governale said with a laugh.