VIDEO: Caller Reveals Ronnie Mund Recently Drove Into a Mailbox and Didn’t Tell Anyone

“So, I scratched the f-cking truck on a mailbox by my own house, in my driveway,” Howard’s limo driver exclaims

October 3, 2019

Ronnie Mund got a crash course in keeping secrets from his boss on Wednesday when a caller dialed into the Stern Show and revealed Howard’s limo driver may have recently dinged a mailbox with his vehicle.

Ronnie denied the allegation at first, but it became apparent there was more to the story after the caller—who wished to be identified as Cain—revealed his source saw Ronnie getting a scratch buffed out at an auto repair shop.

“I was not in an accident,” Ronnie insisted. “So, I scratched the fucking truck on a mailbox by my own house, in my driveway.”

“How did you do that?” Howard wondered.

“How did I do it? I misjudged something. I was distracted,” he responded.

Howard and co-host Robin Quivers did their best to determine what could have distracted the 69-year-old limo driver in his own driveway, but Ronnie remained vague with the details and grew increasingly incensed, calling Cain and everyone else giving him a hard time a “moron.”

Howard was quick to defend the caller. “Why are you getting upset? It’s true, he’s not lying,” Howard said, adding, “This guy is a whistleblower and we have to protect him … This guy is just reporting what he heard about a mailbox and you. That’s all.”

Ronnie maintained the guy misreported some key details, including the city where it happened and who owned the vehicle. Howard was curious if they were able to even buff out the scratch.

“Yeah, they put a little touchup paint on it,” Ronnie said.