Adam Levine and James Valentine Perform Maroon 5’s New Song About Late Manager Jordan Feldstein

The Maroon 5 frontman also discusses his reasons for leaving “The Voice”

October 7, 2019

Maroon 5 frontman and longtime friend of the show Adam Levine stopped by the Stern Show on Monday sporting a whole new look – a mohawk braided by his wife, supermodel Behati Prinsloo.

“I like to experiment with various types of mohawks … it’s a very liberating thing,” Adam noted.

The haircut is far from the only big change in the singer’s life. For the first time since the show’s existence, Adam is longer a part of NBC’s “The Voice.”

“I was ready to not be doing it anymore for a little bit … this was the right time for me to go,” he told Howard.

Despite rumors he was angry producers expected him to show up during the show’s season finale when he had no contestants in the running, Adam told Howard his departure had more to do with freeing up time for his family.

“At the end of the day, no, that had nothing to do with anything,” he said. “For eight and a half years I was so busy … it was a life-altering experience … I got married, I had two kids, and I wanted to spend time with them.”

In addition to raising a family, Adam has been busy on the bat mitzvah circuit, having recently performed at that of Adam Sandler’s daughter Sadie. “I had literally just left ‘The Voice’ and had all this free time,” Levine recalled. “[Sandler] texted me and I’m like shit, why not?”

Also in the SiriusXM studio on Monday was Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine, whom along with Adam performed their new song “Memories.” Adam said “everything stopped” for him when the band was first approached with some of the lyrics that would eventually become “Memories.”

“There was only like a first verse and a raw chorus,” he explained. “I already kind of started feeling ideas for the second verse and the words and made it personal to me.”

The result is a song about former Maroon 5 manager (and older brother of Jonah Hill) Jordan Feldstein, who passed away in 2017.

“I needed this song … rather than fight about things it’s nice to have common ground and all of us have had loss,” Adam told Howard.